Effective Leaders Inspire

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The management/Leadership position is one of the most challenging positions in the workplace. In addition to the new challenges you face and high expectations you must meet, it’s imperative that you learn how to effectively communicate, motivate, and delegate to achieve success.

You’re judged not only on your performance and decision-making, but also on your ability to inspire and encourage your employees to achieve great things. Finding a balance between “being the boss” and maintaining positive relationships withyour employees is the key to navigating your team and requires strong communication skills and the ability to delegate effectively.

Effective Leaders Inspire

Have you just accepted a new management position?

Have you recently been promoted from a staff member into a managerial role?

Has it been difficult to turn your employees into a TEAM?

Do you find it difficult to give orders to those who were your peers and are now your subordinates?

If you’re worried about maintaining relationships, managing your to-do list, and monitoring your new team……

This powerful new program is for you!

As a Leader, you have to work hard to build trust, gain credibility, and earn respect from both your Doctor/Owner and your subordinates. Clearly, you have a tough task ahead of you.

How Confident Are you In the Following?

  • Handle new tasks such as hiring, disciplinary action, and even firing with composure and competence
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities firmly and fairly
  • Resolve conflicts that you may have previously ignored
  • Teach coworkers accountability
  • Motivate employees who are simply “in it for the paycheck”
  • Differentiate your role as a “boss” and a “friend”
  • Grow your employees through clear and concise feedback that inspires

If you’re uncertain of your ability to handle even one of the issues listed or feel you could benefit from new strategies, enroll in this training.

You’ll find the answers you are looking for and gain tips and strategies for becoming a leader who exudes confidence and composure. You’ll learn how to manage your tasks and team in a way that gets real results, and you’ll develop an arsenal of skills and techniques for dealing with the issues you’ll encounter in your managerial role.

Who will benefit?

Individuals who have recently taken on a leadership role and those who will be moving into supervisory positions soon, as well as managers, supervisors, doctor/ owner, doctor looking to purchase a practice in the near future. You will learn to improve your delegation skills and increase your team’s compliance.

Half Day/Full Day/On-Site Session Available

This training will provide you with the following management skills with enthusiasm, self-assurance, and confidence. In one insightful hour, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for establishing your credibility, building trust, and gaining respect
  • Ways to transition from the mentality of a worker to a leader
  • Tips to help you assess your work habits and communication skills, and ensure you set a good example for your staff
  • Proven techniques to get results from others through motivation, delegation, and encouragement
  • Why it’s important to master the art of effective feedback — and how to coach employees to keep them on track
  • How to establish an environment of open communication between you and your employees
  • Tactics for maintaining control and composure while staying on top of your new role without losing your cool

… and more!

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