Dr. Katlyn Monash, DDS & Associates


Dr. Katlyn Monash, DDS & Associates, Howell, Michigan

My office completed the DiSC and Core training through Strategic Practice Solutions within the last year. The course was very interesting, as it teaches you about your personality, and how to interact with others and improve communication with other personality styles.

I noticed that other members of my team have many breakthroughs through out the training and “ah hah” moments as they were learning.

DDS and Associates Growth Metrics

DDS and Associates Growth Metrics

Since completion of the course, my office has had dramatic improvements in communication,not only with patients but also among staff members.

It has enabled the office to function as integral members of a team, and has improved how efficient we are with patient communication.

By implementing DiSC, we are able to take a new approach to communicating with patients on a level in which best suits their personality and comfort.


We have noticed that our treatment plan acceptance has improved as a direct result. I would recommend the DiSC and Core training to any type of business office in which there is communication between team members and or with clients, and I would even recommend it for improving communication within one’s personal life as well!