Dental Staffing

Dental staffing Will Make or Break Your Practice

Staffing your dental practice is a critical business challenge facing today’s dynamic practices. It used to be that a clinician could open up a practice and the odds of them succeeding were great. In today’s world that is far from the truth. There are many practitioners’ fighting for the same pool of patients. What will make them different? What distinguishes them from the rest? One key element is the patient experience.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have walked into practices where the practitioner is knowledgeable in their field and very well respected amongst their peers; however, patients were not referring or continuing as patient with the practice because of the team.

They are one of the most valuable assets to a practice. The next question to ask is, “Should a practice lower or increase the bar for their team?”  If your answer is to increase the bar, do you need to provide additional training/tools to your staff, do you need to revisit your team’s dynamics, or are you ready to hire someone with all the desired skills?

Strategic Practice Solutions Talent Acquisition offers a variety of solutions in identifying and locating top talent.

Dental Staffing – Permanent Talent Acquisition

Our Permanent Talent Acquisition Provides:

  • Access to a pool of candidates not actively looking for employment
  • Active marketing of the open position within Strategic Practice Solutions’ Social Media Data Base and a classified posting of your open position on our Job Board
  • Assigning a full time Recruiter dedicated to working on the talent acquisition & prequalification of candidates
  • Creating a “Job Profile” containing the skill sets required for the position
  • Customizing interview questions designed to measure applicant skill set required for the open position
  • Thorough employment references to establish the candidates performance history
  • Human Resource Coaching
  • 90 day service guarantee

The proper hire will maximize your production, profitability, and minimize your headaches. We understand this and can assist you in recruiting the right talent that will enhance the performance of your practice.

Overview of Our Dental Staffing Process:

Getting to Know You: Strategic Practice Solutions takes the time to get to know you, your practice, the goals you have for the practice and performance history of the open position.  We help clarify the position, duties & skill sets you’re looking for in a time effective manner.

Analyze & Plan: Our staff analyzes the position and creates a list of the skills and personality traits that would best fit your practice.

Customization: Based on the information gathered, Strategic Practice Solutions formulates a customized profile of the position and tailors our interview process to recruit the candidates best suited for the position.

Headhunting Process: Recruiters actively hunt for candidates that possess the skill sets required within Strategic Practice Solutions’ data base; as well as candidates who are not actively looking.

Talent Selection: Details on potential candidates matching the position’s profile are then submitted to you for review. You select the individuals you want to interview for the position, Strategic Practice Solutions coordinates the interview per your needs, and the recruiter prepares the hiring manager for the face to face interview.  Our goal is to present a minimum of 3 qualified candidates for your consideration.

Interviews Made Easy: Strategic Practice Solutions handles all of the interview details, testing and scheduling, allowing you to select the top talent for the job without dealing with the legwork.

Conclusion: Your hand-selected employee can begin work for you on a “Temp To Hire” or “Direct Hire” Basis. The recruiter will provide support every step of the way for either process and will continue communication after the placement occurs to ensure a proper fit with your team.

During this time, you will have a FREE 90-day guarantee

Dental Staffing – Temporary Talent Acquisition

Strategic Practice Solutions recruits top talent to assist practices in covering vacations, medical leave, deployment, sick days and other paid time off situations.

Our clients asked for the following and we listened:

  • Thoroughly screened professionals
  • Dental experts in good standing with their professional license – if applicable
  • Someone to take care of all payroll costs and Human Resource issues, allowing the practice to put energies towards customer service & growth
  • Professionals that prioritize the “Patient Experience”
  • Revenue focused individuals
  • Dependable professionals that are team oriented
  • A third party source to handle all MESC (unemployment) issues

Strategic Practice Solutions is also cost effective. The interactive charts will assist you in visualizing the benefits we offer for either provider positions (revenue-generating roles ) or support staff positions (i.e. receptionist, biller).


  • Prevention of lost revenue. By not filling the position, this vacancy costs the practice $879 per day. By electing Strategic Practice Solutions to assist you, the practice maintains the revenue and customer relations; as well as reducing stress for the team.
  • Human resources services provided to practices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Strategic Practice Solutions constantly screens and verifies professional licensure and customer service skills.
  • Managers can focus on building the practice to position them for success.
  • Managers will have less stress identifying/screening employees to fill short notice staff openings while keeping the practice productive and efficient.

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