Dental Practice Coaching

Is Your Practice Efficient Enough?
Are You Maximizing Productivity?
Is Your Customer Service Team Patient Focused?

Why You Need a Sound Practice Coaching Process

As you start to focus on improving each component of your business, you may find that you or your team does not have the time or expertise to develop sound processes that will become your standards for successful operations. That is where we can help. We will work with you and your team to teach everyone the best methods and proven processes. Once you see how we do it, it will become second nature for your team. And they will use our consistent processes for the long term.


How Practice Coaching Will Move You Toward Your Goals

Strategic Practice Solutions (SPS) offers a customized coaching approach for your practice.  We begin with the basic philosophy that every doctor/owner has different goals not only for their practice, but also for their personal life.  What works for one practice may not work for another.

Our coaching helps you discover your goals, both personal and professional, and provides ways for you to obtain them.  We will build a custom blueprint that will help you develop your practice in harmony with your life.

We Will Provide:

  • Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI) responsible for your success
  • Establish a tracking systems to monitor the KPI’s
  • Uncover hidden opportunities within your practice
  • Develop enhanced leadership skills
  • Work with you to create a blueprint for your personal and professional goals
  • Monthly management meetings
  • 6 or 12 months of support, depending on the services you choose

How Our Coaches Work With You

Who are our coaches?

Our skilled coaches are dental professionals that have extensive experience and who have obtained further training in a teaching environment to assist them in the transfer of knowledge to your team.

What are their skills?

Each coach has specific talents: insurance billing, practice analysis, advancing the Hygiene department, leadership training, practice management, Recare/Recall, Human resources…. We do not believe one person can absorb all the knowledge that a team of skilled consultants can provide.

A team leader from SPS will assess the needs of the client and their practice; select the consultant(s) that will play a role in the execution of the plan. The team will identify areas that need to be addressed and a team leader organizes the efforts. Each consultant assigned to the project reports into the team leader with progress, and next steps so everyone is aligned.

How will they transfer knowledge to your team?

Our experience shows the most successful method of coaching is to introduce new concepts and knowledge at a measured, focused pace at weekly/ monthly meetings, and giving the team time to assimilate and practice. We use any effective media to help the team understand the concepts, including visuals, mini workshops, role play, and onsite coaching.

Coaching sessions can be as short as a few days to address specific problem areas, or longer over months or more, depending on what the practice goals are.

The Benefits for Your Practice

We know from our experience that after we “show you how” to set up each important component of your business, you and your team will see long term benefits including:

  • Standardize each process, from sales to recare / recall
  • Better recruiting and talent acquisition for all positions
  • Cash flow management
  • Optimum utilization of capacity in all services in the practice
  • Peace–of-mind knowing that each member of your team knows their job and has the skills to perform to meet your business goals
  • Knowing that your consistent processes are setting the foundation for your long term success

DrDirani Headshot

Dr. Samer Dirani, DDS

With Tricia, I felt comfortable right from the start. She not only was very knowledgeable about dental practice management, but seemed honest and that’s what attracted me to her.

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