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Dental Office Consulting

When you first speak with us about your dental office consulting and coaching needs, you will notice four main differences from what you have experienced with other dental practice management consultants.

  1. Custom Solutions – We promise to never recommend a “one size fits all” packaged solution as we understand that every situation is unique. Through conversation, observation and research, we provide clear, relevant recommendations that address your specific dental practice goals and challenges.
  2. Systematic, Efficient and Proven – Our process for growing dental practices is systematic, efficient and, above all, proven. Across all of our dental practice clients, we consistently deliver year-over-year double-digit growth in gross production and revenue.
  3. Onsite Dental Coaching and Consulting – Unlike many dental consultants, we meet onsite, in-person with our dental clients. We believe that onsite consulting is critical to your success and the best way to get to know you and your staff and deliver the personalized guidance your practice needs to succeed. Our expert team of dental consultants, work with you to customize an agenda and determine the best approach for your onsite visit.
  4. Team Approach – Our most successful clients view us as a partner in their growth. They understand that we are passionate about taking a proven, systematic approach to achieving their dental practice goals. When you work with Strategic Practice Solutions, you have a dedicated dental consulting team assigned to your account. This team is responsible for developing and executing your dental practice management plan, and consists of experts in practice analysis, insurance, dental hygiene, leadership development and team building, dental case acceptance and dental marketing.

Engagement Models

We offer three primary engagement models that offer a lot of flexibility in how dental practices work with us; everything from one-on-one dental consulting, to guided dental practice coaching, to classroom training and workshops.

No matter how you choose to engage with us, we use the methodology and tools from our SparkPlug Dental Practice Management System.

One-on-One Dental Consulting

Great strategy or ideas won’t help your dental practice unless they are actually implemented. With one-on-one dental consulting, we not only help create the strategy, we implement the ideas, strategies and tactics that we recommend.

This type of engagement is perfectly suited to a dental practice that is a little larger with a vision of significant growth and/or expansion. You know you need to get serious about creating a real dental practice system and want to take your business to the next level.

Our one-on-one dental consulting engagement, typically involves monthly on-site meetings to analyze, monitor and develop a strategy and plan. Due to the scope of work that is involved, these engagements typically last for at least one year.

Guided Dental Practice Coaching

We all need guidance, moral support and to be held accountable in order to be successful. If you’ve ever been on a team or played an individual sport, you probably had a coach who knew the rules, the skills required to succeed, the techniques to help you improve performance and who understood that to win you have to have a strategy.

Our guided dental practice coaching engagements are a lot like coaching a sport. In a coaching engagement, we take you through drills (role playing), create plays (strategies), dole out disciplinary action for those who break the rules (human resource), and ensure you practice (team meetings & workshops); all in preparation for the “big game”.

Our responsibility as dental consultants is to help your dental practice get in shape so you and your team can perform to the best of your abilities. And most importantly, we hold you accountable for achieving the goals you have set for yourself and your dental practice.

Dental Practice Training and Workshops

We have all heard the saying, “We are only as good as our knowledge”. Initially, some of our dental practice clients engage with us through training and workshops. These engagements run for set periods of time, often over several months, with the end result being increased knowledge and skill in areas such as: leadership, hygiene, recare/recall and sales.

Can you imagine what would happen to your bottom line if your team learned new strategies and skills that:

  • Made recall calls 90% more effective
  • Increased case acceptance by a minimum of 20%
  • Increased revenue generated hygiene to $200-$300 an hour

Other training and workshop offerings include:

  • Dental Practice Sales Training – Our dental practice sales training program focuses on developing the sales skills of your dental professionals. The program includes: how to build rapport and relationships with patients, how to address patient objections and identifying patients’ true needs to present the best solution(s).
  • Dental Practice Leadership Training – Helps you raise the bar high for your team. Build and retain dynamic individuals for your team.
  • Dental Practice Human Resource Training – Our human resource training focuses on how to recruit, hire, empower and manage a winning team.
  • Dental Practice Marketing Strategy – Our dental practice marketing strategy training teaches our unique system for understand how you are different and turning that difference into a targeted marketing message that will appeal to your ideal patient. We also address patient experience and how to easily obtain referrals as a way to grow your practice.

Strategic Practice Solutions is redefining the way dental practices operate by offering a unique blend of consulting, coaching and training products customized to meet any budget and timeline.

Getting started is easy.


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