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Dental Hygiene Consultants

Uncover the Secret to Growing Hygiene Production 35% or More

As consultants for your dental hygiene department, the objective of our RDH program is to have your team acquire the tools and knowledge needed to successfully communicate program details, overcome objections & obstacles and close the deal.

Our RDH clients experience:

  • Minimum daily hygiene production of $2,000 per hygienist
  • Hourly production of $250 per hygienist
  • Decrease in open time
  • Increase in total office production
  • Increase in case acceptance for dental procedures
  • Guaranteed results

Our program is a comprehensive dental hygiene consulting program designed to improve hygiene production and increase patient compliance and acceptance.

We give you a free Hygiene business pre-analysis to identify your goals and to determine if your Practice is ready for Revenue Directed Hygiene. And we will only proceed if we know we can get results for you.

Then we tailor our training to your practice and your team to build production.

Be sure to ask us about our GUARANTEED RDH program results – Just one of the ways we spark change in dental practices.
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The Benefits for You and Your Practice

  • We train your team to increase case acceptance and build their skills for self- assessment and for adapting the program to your Practice business goals
  • Decrease of over 20% in open time and lost revenue
  • Proven ROI of 100% in the 2-3 month post training period
  • 48 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) upon completion of the course
  • 2 full days of classroom training + 17 hours of onsite coaching with each RDH while they see patients
  • 2-month post-training follow up with each RDH providing up to an additional 8 hours of onsite coaching while they see patients to coach on the areas the RDH needs further guidance on
  • Implementation and training on DailyHyg Tracker so each Hygienist can update their stats daily empowering them to self-critique their performance
  • On-site coaching to bring the concepts and best practices to life
  • 90 days of phone support post training to keep your Team motivated and never far from immediate answers to questions Let us show you our results
  • Practice owners gain confidence because we can demonstrate real ROI results with hard data, and we conduct tracking so you always know where you are and how the program is working for you
  • We conduct thorough assessment and pre-screening for Hygiene business suitability
  • We change behaviors and attitudes in the whole team with emphasis on communication and selling skills
  • We do a careful analysis of your Hygiene business. If we are 100% positive that we can improve it, we will tell you so and won’t waste your time and money

Click on the video below to hear Dr. Chet Regula, DDS talk about the success Preferred Dental Group in Livonia, MI has had with the SPS Hygiene Program.


The Course Structure and Content

Our RDH program is presented in an efficient 4 week course process. We give your team time to absorb the new knowledge and put each concept into actual practice.

  • Classes are 4-5 hours each
  • 3 onsite coaching sessions
  • 3 levels of follow up support
  • Layered learning process ensures retention and implementation of content
  • Tracking system is created for hygiene team
  • Pre and Post training data is established to monitor performance
  • 90 days phone support post training

Covered Content

  • Your team will gain a better understanding of the 4 different types of personality styles and the manner in which each style prefers to be communicated with – especially when presenting treatment and finance.
  • Tools /Role playing/ coaching on how to communicate effectively with each of these styles in order to gain rapport /trust which leads to increased case acceptance.
  • Build a Clinical Impression with a focus on mouth- body connection
  • Insurance billing and scheduling strategies

Our targeted coaching ensures correct application of their new knowledge that enables the team to meet their goals:

  • 100% ROI in the first 2-3 months of training
  • 25% increase in hygiene production
  • 40% decrease in cancellations/no shows/open time

Outcome: Participants will have a new tracking system, a new emphasis on communications and selling skills

  • We increase staff confidence
  • You have less down time
  • We provide continued follow-up & reporting

DrKasselDr. Larry Kasssel, Flint, MI

Our hygiene production is up more than 415% after going through training with Strategic Practice Solutions.

We always have had a little bit of a problem with hygiene, so the fact that we were able to focus on hygiene first, and to see such great results, it was very meaningful to me.

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