Our Path to Dental Consulting and Training

Working closely with dentists over the years, we have found that many of our dental clients do not have the time, tools or systems to run their dental practice as efficiently and effectively as they could.

In fact, most of our clients would agree that they graduated dental school unprepared to run a dental practice and need to increase their knowledge of dental practice management and how to assemble a winning team in order to meet their financial and personal goals.

That’s where our SparkPlug Dental Practice Management System™ comes in.

It’s a unique approach that walks dentists and their staff through a series of steps for creating a system for running and growing a dental practice. SparkPlug’s point-of-view is changing the way dentists view and operate their dental practice for consistent and predictable results.

SparkPlug Dental Practice Management System Point-of-View:

  • Step 1 – Take the Pulse of the Practice
  • Step 2 – Hire and Develop Rock-Star Team Members
  • Step 3 – Create Systems and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Step 4 – Technology Utilization and Opportunities
  • Step 5 – Make Marketing a System Too

To this day, our vision remains the same; to provide a spark for change in how dental practices are started and run.


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