5 Steps to Dental Practice Success

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Based in Michigan, Strategic Practice Solutions (SPS) is a leading provider of dental practice management consulting, coaching and training in the Midwest. Since 2009, SPS has been providing dental practices with knowledge, skills and personal coaching to improve revenue, leadership, staff communication and client satisfaction. SPS offers a variety of training, seminars, certifications and workshops including, Everything DiSC: a Wiley Brand, for new and existing dental practices in Metro Detroit, Troy, St. Clair Shores, Ann Arbor, Howell, and surrounding areas including Ohio and Virginia.

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You have worked hard to get your dentist practice off the ground, but you feel as if you have not done enough. You love dentistry, but you feel as if your career has become stagnant. You went into the profession because you love helping people, but you didn’t realize how much of running a practice was business management, not dentistry.

Do you see yourself in any of those? If so, then you are not alone. In school, dentists learn how to be dentists, and not small business owners. However, when they graduate and start practicing, many of them find themselves being just that. 


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Step 1:  Take the Pulse of the Practice

Step 2:  Hire and Develop Rock-Star Team Members

Step 3:  Create Business Systems and Standard Operating Procedures

Step 4:  Technology Utilization and Opportunities

Step 5:  Make Marketing a System